New Year’s Eve / St. Sylvester’s Day


Book: Love's Violet Sunrise and Love's Beginning by Naomi Rawlings. 


Task #1: Reading Goals

1. BL/GR: 200 books - yeah, I am going for broke and just sticking my head in my e-Readers/print books for the next year (and yes, I understand I have a HUGE amount of privilege in doing just that). I am unsubscribing from a lot of podcasts/newsletters/big name websites, going to limit my Twitter and FB usage, and just generally ignore the world. In recent years my best reading number was 170, so this should not be too much of a stretch. 


2. 2020 Book Riot Read Harder Challenge

3. 2020 Library Love Challenge

4. 2020 Reading Assignment Challenge

5. 2020 Finish that Series Already


The other big goal for 2020 is to get my Word Press blog up and running. It will be all things books, tea, my health, and cross stitching. I am moving away from social media and going back to reading book blogs and commenting there. It's time to bring back the book bloggers! I will still be very much here on BL, less so on Good Reads (oh, how I would love to kill my GR account completely, but that catalogue is something unmatched by BL at the present time so...…). 


All other goals are health related, so that is it.


Task #2: Reading Review

It was okay. I read a lot of good books and some dreck. My numbers are low, far too low for my liking. I think my reading was depressed somewhat by the constant asshole-ness of authors/publishers. And the zombie rise of street teams (again? why?) is eating away at my reading mojo.


Task #3: Will I hit my target of 200 books?

"It was a pagan custom, but one of which, in the circumstances, none of the Saxons could disapprove." Sarum by Edward Rutherfurd, p. 485 line 7


I do love a good pagan custom, so count me among the pagans, LOL.


Task #4: Dinner Guest

I chose Ida B. Wells, since she would have a lot of advice for living in "interesting times", as the Chinese proverb goes. She would bring alcohol...lots and lots of alcohol. We toast the new year as we watch the world burn down (literally and figuratively).