Edited 12/24/19 6:42pm CST: So the RWA has temporarily rescinded the ban on Milan pending a legal opinion. Back pedaling and double speak with nary of an apology. The Board's statement (taken from the official RWA Twitter account):


"At a meeting today that identified a gap between policy and process, RWA’s Board of Directors rescinded its vote accepting the findings of the Ethics Committee report and the consequent penalties against Courtney Milan pending a legal opinion. 1/2


RWA reiterates its support for diversity, inclusivity and equity and its commitment to provide an open environment for all members. 2/2"


My eyes are rolling backwards at an alarming pace....


For their part in upholding white supremacy and the cowardly way they announced it, I will no longer purchase/borrow/read from the following romance authors:


Suzanne Tisdale - who weaponized her white woman tears against Courtney Milan


Romance Writers of America Board of Directors

Carolyn Jewel - President 

Damon Suede - President-Elect 

Donna Alward - Secretary

Nan Dixon - Treasurer


Then there are the Board of Directors -at Large, which I am not sure has voting rights/was responsible for this damn mess, so I am waiting to see how this plays out prior to completely shunning them and their compliancy with the board:


Edited 12/24/19 1:21pm CST: So the entire board, including the directors at-large, voted for this mess. So at least 2 AoC at-large directors voted yes (the final vote was 10 yay, 5 nay, 1 abstain). Which 2 is still a mystery, so I am waiting for more information.


Hannah Rhys Barnes

Denny Bryce

Pintip Dunn

Seressia Glass

Tracey Livesay

Kate McMurray

Adrienne Mishel

Priscilla Oliveras

Chanta Rand

Erica Ridley

Farrah Rochon

Renee Ryan




Background/Context: https://smartbitchestrashybooks.com/2019/12/wtaf-rwa-courtney-milan-banned-suspended-from-rwa/