Here's a link to my GR "Year in Books 2019" page:


2019 was the first year I kept a log of what I read and certain traits I wanted to track within my reading. 



Number of Books Read: 110

Number of Pages Read: 23,585



Authors of Color: 28 (25.5% of reading) I hope to beat that by 10% this year. I know I can do better because there are a lot of AoC romances sitting on my eReaders.


Authors from LGBT+ Community: 7 (6.4% of my reading) That's horrible! I think I am going to score this category a little differently in 2020. I can't know for certain what the gender and/or sexual identifier of an author is when it comes to fiction, so I am counting main characters in the story if they identify as a member of the LGBT+ community. 


Male Authors: 39 (35.45% of reading) - Some of the books I read had more than one male author, so the number is a little off. Almost all my male authors wrote non-fiction; the only exception was Brian K. Vaughn from the Saga series. I feel fine about this number.


Female Authors: 85 (77.3% of reading) - some of these were anthologies were there were several female authors. I'm not worried as I read a lot of women's fiction and romance and cozy mystery - genres dominated by women authors.


Non-Fiction: 44 (40% of reading) - honestly I thought this number would be a lot higher. I had non-fiction binges a lot in the early part of the year.


Fiction: 66 (60% of reading) - just fine with that.


Library borrows: 52 (roughly 48% of reading) - got me thinking I might want to upgrade my Library Love Challenge level at least to the next level. All 5 audiobooks I listened to came from the library.


Owned: 58 (roughly 52%) - I really need to read down my own books.


Thanks for reading!