Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus - Dusti Bowling

*bookish meme started by Caffeinated Reviewer


This is my first Sunday post! I will put these on my blog when it is ready, in the mean time I will just keep them here.



Home Fires: Friday was the official last day of Winter Break and tomorrow the kids go back to school - thank the deity of your choice. Today I took down the Christmas decorations and packed them away, so I got my reading nook back - YES! I celebrated the return of the reading nook by uh, finishing the book I was reading. 


Natural Order of Things: windy AF here today. Dry since the new year started. I am cutting out alcohol and soda as it seems my GI issues went nuts over the holidays and I was throwing back Prilosec and Immodium AD like candy. I am cutting down on caffeine to one (admittedly HUGE) cup of tea in the morning, then only caffeine-free drinks the rest of the day. So I am getting back to my natural state - that of a bitchy sloth.


Volunteer Hour: Last month I completed the 1st Aid/CPR/AED certification course and I am now good for two years. This is a personal goal of mine, as I had to have this certification in the military and then let it lapse when I retired; I made myself a promise to get back to it when I moved back to the states. I now needed it as a GS troop leader. The training came in handy because yesterday I burned a small part of my hand on spilled tea on my way to training for how to sell GS cookies via six hour power point presentation. Hey at least I knew how to treat my burn, which is slowly healing. We better sell a crap ton of cookies.


Shelf Talk: I posted my stats for 2019. In 2020 I have finished 5 books on my way to completing 200 books read goal. Bob Cycle 27 starts tomorrow.


Joshua and I finished the third book for the William Allen White Award challenge, so now he just has to go see the school librarian and take the 5 question test tomorrow. We read Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus (Aven Green #1) by Dusti Bowling; it is about a girl named Aven who has no arms (birth defect) who moves from Kansas to Arizona with her adopted parents to manage an amusement park that has seen better days. She befriends two school "outcasts" - Connor who has Tourette's and Zion who is overweight and shy. They get up to eighth grade hijinks and Aven discovers something about her family. Book two in the series was published in September and both kids want to read it over the summer. Highly Recommend. Previously, we read Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis and So.B.It. by Sophie Weeks. 


Must See TV: Over Christmas break I binged season 8 of Call the Midwife. Now I wait to watch CTM when it airs here in the, I miss the UK and BBC iplayer - I could be watching it right now! So now I need recommendations on what to watch...what's good BL?


Cinema Sunday: Haven't been to the movies since Frozen II - which I thought was better than the original but WTF was that Kristoff musical number?. Wonder Woman 1984 doesn't come out until June *sigh*. Some holiday releases/upcoming movies look watch when it comes to Redbox or my library, some are a definite hard pass (see Mike's post on upcoming movies). Promising Young Woman trailer looks good so I am hoping the movie lives up the (small) hype. I think I am way too traumatized by seeing memes/stills from the Cats movie to even entertain the idea of seeing that movie. 


Sociable Introvert: Between RWA continuing dumpster fires (a new branch of WTF? is sprouting every day) and the US-IRAN conflict, my Twitter timeline is a mess. Not to mention that we in the states are now in countdown to the primaries/conventions/Election Day 2020 and everyone has lost their damn minds. On FB, just radio silence about what is going on in the world - oh, and the Patriots lost which makes everyone happy (me included). 


Headphones: all my subscribed podcasts took the holidays off, so today starts all new 2020 episodes. I took down and pack away the decorations while listening to season five of Trashy Divorces - this season is all about Frank Sinatra and his relationships, starting with episode 1 on his first wife. They also did a segment on Charles Dickens and his trashy love life. Look, I don't read gossip pages or blogs, but man do I love a trashy podcast.


That's all for this week. Hope you enjoyed a look into the life of Tea.