Yours at Midnight - Robin Bielman

Bottom line: One and a half stars for the hero (Quinn) and one star for his dead brother. Half a point for the heroine's mom, who was the only character to see the resemblance between Quinn and his son and could put two and two together. Zero stars to one really flighty heroine.



As the title suggests, the story takes place in the week between Christmas and New Year's. Lyric, our flighty and slightly unbalanced heroine, is enjoying her big family and the holidays until she meets up with childhood friend/one-night stand from four years ago Quinn. Lyric, as pointed out time and time again, was in love with the most special of snowflakes, Quinn's older twin brother Oliver (the most interesting character...more on that in a minute). Oliver was the most awesomest person alive don't you know and Quinn, being an introvert, lived in his brother's shadow. Quinn is back home to make amends and truly deal with his grief; part of the making amends is apologizing to her for leaving her after their one night stand after Oliver's funeral (he died in a car accident on New Year's Eve four years ago).


Over the course of a couple days, Lyric accepts the Quinn's apology for the childhood taunting and the leaving after sex (BTW grief sex is the BEST SEX EVER according to our heroine). There are scenes early in the book with Lyric's big family, including nieces, nephews, and of course (OF COURSE) Quinn's and Lyric's son Max. Because there is no such thing as birth control (like condoms perhaps)  in romance land, the one night stand produces a son that Lyric never told Quinn about. Max and Quinn develop a strong bond out of the gate and during sexy times, Lyric blurts out that Max is Quinn's. Needless to say, sexy times came to an abrupt halt and Quinn was pissed and hurt and pissed.


*steps onto soap box*Good for him! I hate secret pregnancies/secret child - it is irresponsible and harmful to both would-be dad and the child. And often the reasons for keeping said kid a secret is bullshit and gives the mom a chance to be a martyr. *steps off soap box*


They make up, sexy times ensues just at the stroke (he he) of midnight. They make plans to be together and create the family both of them wanted all along.


Like I wrote, Oliver was the most interesting character. He was described first as the golden boy, then a cad who strung Lyric along (although they never dated), then a brother who understood and cared for Quinn more than Quinn (or anyone else for that matter) knew. He was a fully fleshed out human. Quinn was a pretty decent hero and someone I could have fallen for in real life. Quinn is not just a beta, but also an introvert and kept his thoughts and feelings close to the vest; because our flighty heroine is also a bit shallow when it comes to reading people, she thinks he is an ass for taunting her back in their younger days. Turns out he wasn't a bully like she imagined, she was just not ready to go after the brother who made her FEEL so she followed the other brother who was safe. As you can tell, I didn't like her, but rooted for the couple so that Quinn could fully heal from the onslaught of revelations (like his brother caring for him and the existence of his son) and dealing with the guilt over Oliver's death. Introverts unite! 2.5 stars