Loosey Goosey (Dusty Deals Mystery) - Rae Davies

The Dusty Deals series of cozy mysteries keeps getting better and better. The author did away with the awkward and uncomfortable situations to show how quirky and down to earth our MC, Lucy Matthews, is. I disagree with the reviewers on B&N, as they pointed out that Peter Blake and a few other recurring characters were hardly present and that Lucy's family took over the book. I found just the opposite; there was balance between Lucy's present life (Peter, Rhonda, Betty, etc) and her family in Missouri.



You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. You can though move two thousand miles away and hope they don’t come to visit. Unfortunately, for Lucy Mathews that only works for so long.


Lucy has a perfect week planned. The kind of week that includes a romantic dinner with her cowboy detective boyfriend, big dollar sales to the visiting Beef Ranchers Association and their wives, and maybe a relaxing holiday weekend at home with her Alaskan malamute, Kiska.


What she doesn’t have planned is a visit from her animal activist brother, his pet goose, Pauline, and his neon yellow van.


Lucy’s plans quickly go to the birds. First, her date is interrupted by brother and goose. Second she discovers a dead body, under her brother’s van. Then, when her brother rested for the murder, the worst thing imaginable happens, Lucy’s mother finds out.


Not only is Lucy is left in charge of babysitting the recalcitrant goose, but her mother is threatening to come to Montana herself to solve the murder. Lucy has no choice but to dive into the investigation, and find the real murderer before her brother is put away for good.


Although there is a pet goose, this story isn't silly. I did figure out the killer much earlier than Lucy, so there was a bit of impatience on my part when both the police and Lucy was narrowing down the list of suspects.


I did take off a star because Ben, Lucy's brother, was annoying. He was such a man-child slacker (except when it came to his animal activism) and not that bright. He didn't grovel or thank Lucy for her finding the real killer. He looked down on Lucy because she chose to live away from her family and has limited contact with the family.


So much good book sighs I decided to jump into book 4 of the series rather than finish the other two books I am currently reading.