Maxwell's Smile - Michele Hauf

Another one, but this was straight up awful. If I did give star ratings to these books, I would give this story a .5 star for the kid only. Here we go....


The Charity: Kid Flicks

Kid Flicks is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting gently used and new DVDs and distributing the movies to children's hospitals and pediatric wards across the U.S. It is based out of the family home of the Barta sisters (Berni, Romi, Lexi, and Marni) in Los Angeles. The sisters came up with the idea for the charity when Lexi (the oldest and at the time only 16) decided to donate their old movies to a local pediatric oncology department where a family friend received successful treatment for childhood leukemia. For more information, click


The Story: Basically, it sucked.

The heroine is Rachel, a single mother and real estate agent. Her young son (9 years old), Maxwell, was staying at the children's ward in a local hospital due to appendicitis and surgery to remove the appendix. Maxwell is an old soul in a young body, but he came across as the only realistic and likeable character in this story. Rachel is the coldest ice queen in the first two chapters -- seriously, she could've given Elyse from Frozen some training on how to be a cold bitch. Of course, by chapter three, she is entirely the opposite - the power of insta-love can twist a characters motivations and make her open to love the first guy she has laid eyes on; that would be the "hero" Sam. Sam was nice guy in the beginning, but the misogynist comments towards the other women in the neighborhood by both Rachel and Sam got old real quick. I think I want to sue for whiplash while reading.


Also there were descriptions of Rachel smelling like roses/looking like a beautiful rose/backlit by the sun to look like an angel. Excuse my 9 year old self, but barf. Between the women in the neighborhood doing weird things to their houses to get Sam to come fix whatever was broken because they were bored, horny housewives and Sam was so handsome....yeah. The dialogue was stilted and awkward; I started skimming to get to the end.


Lastly, the cover for the ebook version is completely wrong. The charity is about movies, not video games; Maxwell and Sam have video console controllers in their hands. This is the first in a series of bad copy editing.