Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas: A Perfect Fit Holiday Novella (A Perfect Fit Novel) - Sugar Jamison


On the first day of Christmas, former wild child Dina Gregory returns home to New York on a mission: To find the father of her young son. Making him take responsibility for the child he helped create is the only thing on Dina’s wish list. Instead, she finds herself in an awkward run-in with his stuffy older brother, Ben.




For a plus size-ish female MC, this book was not really all that body positive. Dina hated how her body changed with the pregnancy (she gained weight.....like so many others) and need constant assurances from Ben that he was physically attracted to her. I say plus size-ish because she was underweight prior to the pregnancy and she is described as pretty filled out after the pregnancy. So by my reality....she is the normal size for an American woman today. This book was only 108 pages, so that is a lot of assurances in every chapter.


Another contemporary, another female MC who is childish, insecure, dumb as a box of rocks, and bratty. She named her son Dash because he looked "dashing" at birth....*eyeroll* She left her hometown after an incident with her stepsister's fiancé (she got drunk and kissed him at a party in the hopes of her sister dumping him for "cheating"). She moved to LA at the age of 32 to become a dancer in music videos....two years of partying, trying to get auditions/work as a dancer, and having wild sexy flings - she ends up pregnant by some flaky rich dude (Virgil, who is dead by the time the story starts).


Ben is a classic rich guy out to save the woman he loves...for the past five days. He has mourned his dead wife for nine years and worked to save the family company from bankruptcy (courtesy of little brother throwing cash at everything), then turned the company into a multi-billion conglomerate. He has little personality other than he is horny for Dina, always wanted to be a dad (instant fatherhood, yay!), and he works a lot. ZZZZZZZZZZZ....


I am passing on any more of this author's work.