Lucy and the Valentine Verdict (Dusty Deals Mystery Series) - Rae Davies, Lori Devoti


A Dusty Deals Holiday Novella featuring amateur sleuth and antique store owner, Lucy Mathews and her Alaskan malamute, Kiska.

Lucy is looking for love with her cowboy detective boyfriend, Peter, at a Valentine's Mystery Weekend Retreat. Kiska is looking for treats.

Motivated by a bet with Peter, Lucy goes all out to solve the mystery, but things go wrong and Lucy finds herself a suspect once again - and not for a pretend crime.

Will she get through the weekend without winding up in handcuffs? Will she win the bet? And what about Peter? What surprise does he have planned for Lucy on this most romantic weekend of the year?

Set in Helena, Montana, a capital city with a small town feel.



This was a great fix for my Lucy and Peter withdrawal. Unlike the full-length books, there is no homicide involved in the mystery. Lucy's and Peter's relationship moves to a new level in a very realistic way. There is no awkward "humor" or one of Lucy's less than brilliant schemes. I would describe this book as just fun - perfect romantic story for Valentine's Day; however, I would not read this story if you haven't read the other books in the series first. This was more of a gift to the fans rather than a typical murder mystery. Currently, the author is working on the next full-length book in the series, so I am hoping to read about Lucy, Peter, and the gang in Helena again later this year. 4 stars.