The Governess Club: Louisa - Ellie Macdonald

I had a lot of fun reading the first two books in The Governess Club series, had a decent time with the third book, but the last book (here) was a slog to get through with just enough redemption at the end to give it 2 stars.


The story was great, if only it were populated by more likeable heroine and a more realistic hero. John Taylor was a little Mary Sue for my taste, but Louisa was a bitter coward. I skimmed over the sex scenes because it was repetitive and I just didn't see a connection between them. What sealed the deal for me was there was a lot of modernity involved in dialogue and Louisa's thoughts/feelings. Too modern for the likes of Regency England. It felt weirdly out of place and kept me from immersing myself in the time period and story.