Review - Unveiled (Turner Series #1) by Courtney Milan

Unveiled - Courtney Milan

The story started with one-sided insta-love (hero's side), but worked its way to a more believable loving relationship. I liked the fact that Anna was the victor in the feud between her brothers and the Turner brothers; it showed she had some balls and brains - more than the men involved. Anna was a heroine I liked and respected; she stood up for her society friend although at the time Anna didn't have a leg to stand on. The legitimacy campaign matured her before Ash came on the scene, making her a more worthy counterpart.


I did find it a little repetitive when Ash would go on about doing right for his brothers and defeating the Dalrymple brothers, which took half a star off the rating. Otherwise, highly enjoyable with an original conflict and great couple. 4.5 stars.