Sheikh's Desert Duty (The Chatsfield Book 9) - Maisey Yates

I don't normally go for Harlequin Presents, as I find the imprint a little too much rags & riches fantasy for my taste. I would not have read this particular book if it wasn't for Maisey Yates, who wrote another sheikh story that I loved last year. She had bookish capital with me and continues to do so. So my rating of 4 stars comes with some caveats and biases:


1. It's a HP category, so there is a definite formula in play here. You have the powerful, rich hero and disadvantaged heroine.


2. It is part of THE CHATSFIELDS series, which I loathe after only reading the prequel (from hell). However, neither character is in relation with the hotel or the family, so the story doesn't have anything to do with the series. There is only slight relationship lines tied to the family, which are dealt with in other books.


3. I don't normally read sheikh books, but Maisey Yates has a way of writing them that make these characters addictive. YMMV considerably. Seriously, there is no tokenism, no neon DIVERSITY characters shoe-horned into her stories. Her characters are diverse, but not stereotypical. And those sex scenes are HOT but also highly emotional.


4. Even for a category, this book is awfully short for what is considered a full length book (clocks in 144 NOOK pages, with an additional 24 NOOK pages at the end promoting other works).


So although I really liked the book and gave it four stars, I would not recommend it unless you like to read HP or Ms. Yates.