Story to tell around the camp fire this summer

Frankenstein (Great Illustrated Classics) Hardcover - June, 1993 - Malvina G. Vogel (Adapter)

Although I wasn't as impressed with this classic in comparison with Bradbury's book last quarter, I was sucked into a good but not great story that should be shared around a camp fire this summer. I knew going into the book that Frankenstein was the doctor, not the creature. Frankenstein was a roller coaster of emotional mess that I just rolled my eyes at, but the creature's journey to finding acceptance was the plotline that kept me reading. Frankenstein seem more of an entitled brat who didn't take full responsibility for what he did or the never-ending revenge thread.


I'm glad I read this, because it allows me to see all the diverging myths and storylines that developed from the original. I am not one for horror or gothic stories, but I like the darker aspects of human nature that the story revealed (such as the blind man becoming friends with the creature). 3 stars.