Farewell to Friends

Call the Midwife: Farewell to the East End - Jennifer Worth

Trigger Warning: detailed description of back-alley abortion, infanticide, father-daughter (blood-related) incest. And on that cheery note...



The final book in the series was a nice ending and quite the addictive read. The stories found within really filled in the blanks in the plot holes of the tv show. After considering the entire series, I must say the books are far superior; if you have a hard time holding your interest in the tv show, give the books a whirl. Although I enjoy the acting on the show, it is not really holding my interest story wise now that I know the full stories. There were a lot of liberties the show's producers took that do not make sense to me now.


Some of the themes of the book are tuberculosis, infanticide, and back street abortions (abortions were illegal in England until 1967). The people featured in this book are a bit poorer economically than the people in the first book. This books really felt like a sequel to the first book; the second book feels a little out of place with the lack of babies being delivered. And Ms. Worth spends a chapter telling the reader where all the people who she worked with did post-Nonatus' house; it was a nice post script.


4 stars.