Scandalized by a Scoundrel - An All's Fair in Love Novella - Erin Knightley

Although this book and I got off to a rough start (five pages in and hello insta-lust on the hero's part), the journey towards HEA was a fun one. The writing, particularly the dialogue, was witty and smart. The back stories of the main couple were interesting and naturally a bit conflicting - there was no forced Big Misunderstanding to contend with. Much like in the first book in the series, the courtship centered around physically being near one another in a quiet place (first book was fencing, this book had the hero teaching the heroine self-defense hand-to-hand combat). I liked this heroine (Amelia) more than the last book's heroine; Amelia had more confidence and smarts in dealing with her circumstance surrounding her family. Plus, Amelia put forth more effort in resolving the conflict between her and Gabriel; Eleanor seemed to luck into her method for resolving the conflict in book one. A fun, solid historical romance. 3.5 stars and onwards to book three (last book in the series).