Back Cover Leads to Poor Reading

A Night of Forever - Lori Brighton

This book was a freebie in the NOOK store. Here is the entire back cover blurb:


Who is Aidan Callaghan? Mary Ellen James is intent on uncovering the truth about the mysterious man. But as she soon finds out, some things are best left buried in the past.


A little lacking, but combined with the a cover that screamed historical romance, I figured it was in my book wheelhouse. I am very picky and particular about paranormal romance books I read because I have issues with the lack of consent found in those books.


This novella (70 pages, plus an excerpt from a previous book in the series) is definitely not one of those paranormal romances I would choose if the back cover had more information than the three lines above.


I hated the heroine. Mary Ellen was a shallow bitch - embarrassed of her poor (monied/socio-eco wise) childhood, she wants nothing more than her upcoming debut in London to be successful so she could marry a RICH & Titled husband. Nothing less would do. She also hates any woman not her blood relation. And she is TSTL at points within the story.


The hero wasn't much of a prize either. He is a vampire (born, not cursed), but a brooding, gothic-novel type of vampire. Eh. However, he was very smart in terms of books and common sense, so he was ahead of the pack over heroine.


The plotline really wasn't there except for the two MCs winding up in dungeon....somewhere...that also served as an arena for blood sports between different paranormal beings while people looked down and took bets as to who would win. They escaped from this arena and never was a word mentioned before or after this scene about who those people were, who was behind the running of the arena, nothing.


1 star.