Opinions Wanted

My NOOK Simple Touch is on the fritz. I am often forced to turn the thing on and off several times, sometimes the lock screen won't unlock, and the touch screen is acting wonky. In order to read the last few pages of the cozy mystery I finished this afternoon, I had to download the NOOK app to my laptop. That is not a long-term solution, because one of the reasons I love my ereader is that it is portable. My NOOK is three years old and is my second NOOK device (I have a first generation NOOK collecting dust due to screen freeze that never recovered).  So question:


Should I look at getting another dedicated ereader? I don't do apps and only read books/graphic novels on my NOOK. I do love the fact that I can just update my NOOK via the Wi-Fi.


Should I look at getting a tablet and just have all the reading apps downloaded? My problem is that the blue light emitted from such devices screws with my epilepsy, so no reading a hour before bedtime on the device (which is fine, I have more than enough paper books to fill in that hour).