Prequel to Butterfly Swords series

The Taming of Mei Lin - Jeannie Lin

This was a prequel of sorts to Ms. Lin's Butterfly Swords series. The MCs were the grandmother and grandfather of the heroine in the first book in the series, although this book came out after the series was established. I really enjoyed Ms. Lin's description of a dusty, no-name town and I liked the characters, especially the heroine. Mei Lin Wu was nobody's fool; she was tough but vulnerable and Shen (hero) was swoon worthy. However, it was a little short (as it falls under the Undone! line at Harlequin) and I wanted a little more backstory to Shen. But I was really happy to FINALLLY dip my toes into Ms. Lin's writing - the hype is warranted.


The Butterfly Swords series is definitely a series I plan on reading.