Review: His Lady Peregrine (The Love Birds #5) by Ruth J. Hartman

His Lady Peregrine (The Love Birds Series Book 5) - Ruth J. Hartman

This story started out so promising, but an awful love triangle derailed it. What I did like about the story was that it featured two older characters as the love interests; Lady Ollerton was 42 and a widow of very limited means (she had a maid that stayed with her for room and board in lieu of wages) other than her title. Mr. Radcliff was 51 and wealthy but living with his nephew and his wife (a couple from another book in the series). Their shared love and knowledge of birds was quirky, but made watching them fall in love fun.


Then came the stupid love triangle and the scheme of the dowager (mother of a hero from another book in the series) to have Radcliff for herself.  2 stars.