New Week, New Book: Birthday Edition, Part II

Is It Just Me? - Miranda Hart The Lawyer's Luck: A Home to Milford College prequel novella - Piper Huguley, Piper Huguley Lost in a Royal Kiss - Vanessa Kelly Claiming the Duchess - Sherry Thomas Twelth Night - Deanna Raybourn Mail Order Misfit (Brides of Beckham) - Kirsten Osbourne

Getting this one out early due to the holiday tomorrow, my son's 5th birthday on Thursday, and the combined birthday party on Saturday. Add in school and husband taking time off work to study for promotion testing, and we are a busy household. I have a trip to London tomorrow to see Motown the Musical and will be using the four hour round trip to get in some reading.


This week's reading:


1. Finish Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart. So far, so hilarious. I started this book today while the kids enjoyed the local indoor playground (it is so cold here). I was laughing out loud, sometimes so hard that I garnered some attention from the other parents at the playground. She is as talented and funny of an author as she is an actress. BTW, I saw the movie Spy over the weekend and Miranda and Melissa McCarthy should do all the female buddy movies from now on.


2. Finish The Lawyer's Luck (Home to Milford College Prequel) by Piper Hughley. A great novella so far, but the religious tone is HEAVY. I started this book yesterday while waiting to bring friends home from the base's airport shuttle service.


3. Lost in a Royal Kiss by Vanessa Kelly. Quick novella.


4. Claiming the Duchess (The Fitzhugh's #0.5) by Sherry Thomas. Quick novella.


5. Twelfth Night by Deanna Raybourn. Quick novella.


6. Mail Order Misfit by Kristin Osbourne. Quick novella.


I hope to get these novellas out of the way so that I can concentrate on the second book in Milan's Carhart series and knock out the second book in the Regency boxed set next week.


Happy Valentine's Day and more importantly, happy reading!