Review: Miss Amelia Lands a Duke (The Caversham Chronicles #0) by Sandy Raven

Miss Amelia Lands a Duke (The Caversham Chronicles Book 0) - Sandy Raven

This book started off with promise, but the climax (pun totally intended, please clap) was the hero's mighty wang giving our virgin-ish (hey, she admitted to masturbating during their first sex scene) several HEAs, which I found predictable and well boring. The story dragged in certain spots and was a bit repetitive. The story was a little off putting, more so as the story continued, due to the age gap: hero was 52 with a son that was as old as the 28 year old heroine. Also, hero had mistresses before, and had recently (as in just a week prior to meeting heroine) ended relationship with a cheating mistress. First wife was dead, but hero and first wife had a happy marriage and he has no ill feelings about love or marriage. Yet I read about how different and special and better the impending marriage between hero and heroine was going to be in comparison to marriage number one, which made me roll my eyes so hard. Bottom line: too much sex, too big an age gap, and predictable regency romance. 2 stars because I liked the beginning and the epilogue tied up any loose ends from the story.