Hijacking the Runway: How Celebrities Are Stealing the Spotlight from Fashion Designers - Teri Agins

Although I am not, by anyone's stretched imagination, a fashionista, I was interested in the cover and the subject matter. This book is a cross between a gossip rag, a fashion magazine, and The Wall Street Journal; pretty fitting, as the author worked as the fashion writer and fashion advice columnist at TWSJ and as a freelancer for popular magazines such as Vogue and The Oprah Magazine. She has definite opinions, not just about fashion, on the celebrities themselves and their lifestyles, so an objective look at just celebrity fashion businesses is not what you are going to get. Rather, it is soapy good fun with some serious analysis about the health of the fashion industry. The author does a lot of building up the celebrities' profile, just to tear them down mid-way through the chapter (each chapter focuses on different celebrities). The author also show her bias in that she writes glowingly about the fashion designers and craftsman. Yet, for all the bias found in the book, it was an entertaining read and a bit of an eye-opener. 4 stars.


Please Note: some reviewers on GRRAmazon have mentioned that this book and Agins' first book (The End of Fashion) are basically written the book (same treatment of the same niche topic), so you are better off reading one or the other - you are not getting anything new by reading both.