Review: The Major's Faux Fiancee (Dukes of War #3) by Erica Ridley

The Major's Faux Fiancee - Erica Ridley

Well, it was better than book two but not by much. Erica Ridley does heroes really well - their back stories are thought out and make their motivations make sense to the reader. Ridley also does conflict well - no big misunderstanding or unintended pregnancies; many times, her heroes and heroines are teaming up to resolve the conflict.  However, Ridley writes the worst heroines. And that was the problem with this story - Daphne had major issues stemming from her relationship with her now-deceased father and craved attention. Her work for so many charities was a way for her to be wanted and needed by someone but really she just wanted the accolades and attention that came from working in those charities. She didn't really care about any charity, just so she could be the great savior and have people fall to her feet in gratitude. A real problem with Daphne was that she didn't have one or two pet charities - she wanted to solve a multitude of charity issues. Daphne was also very judgmental to the people that were in position to help her help the charities. Basically, Daphne is the Debbie Downer at any dinner party.


2 stars because I am glad that the hero (Bart) got his HEA, even if it is with the wet blanket that is Daphne.