Review: Sinatra: The Photographs by Andrew Howick and Barbara Sinatra

Sinatra: The Photographs - Andrew Howick, Barbara Sinatra

Gorgeous layout and pictures. The book is organized from 1945 to mid-1990s (Sinatra died in 1998). The captions are short and sweet, yet give detail enough for the reader to fully appreciate the photos. A lot of black and white photos; the color photos don't really start to show up until the late 1970s. My favorites were Frank and his friends, especially photos with Sammy Davis Jr. There was such brotherly love that shone through those photos. The quotes from people Sinatra worked with and the photographers were perfect compliments to the photos and helped to create a strong narrative.


I will say that although Barbara's introduction to the book was fine, the introduction by Andrew Howick was awful - so many horrible analogies/homage to the Judeo-Christian God/Jesus and Sinatra. I love Sinatra, but not enough to put him in a god category. I would have liked to read a quick biography of the photographers whose work I enjoyed from the book. I would have also liked to have seen some photos of Frank with his kids (there were only a few pics of Nancy). 5 stars for the Chairman of the Board.


P.S. RIP Frank Sinatra Jr. 1944-2016