Beezus and Ramona - Beverly Cleary

The first book in the Ramona Quimby series was really more like the first book in the Beatrice Quimby series (which never happened). Ramona is just four years old, Beezus is nine and the two sisters are very different in temperament and personality, leading to untold conflict. I felt for Beezus because I was once the older sister and was quiet and studious like her with a wild child of a younger sister. Ramona was the ultimate brat.


This story has not been updated from the original 1955 story, and wow what a step back in time. The things kids were allowed to do then would make the hairs on today's helicopter parents stand straight up. For example, Beezus and her peers walk to school together without parental oversight or car pools. Other things, such as a land line phone with cords attached would make today's young readers have to look up what that is. Beezus answered the phone for her mother in one scene, and had to relay questions and answers to her mother and the person on the phone.


The illustrations were okay. 3 stars for #TeamBeezus.