Ramona the Brave - Alan Tiegreen, Beverly Cleary

Much better than the first two books in the series. Here I got glimpses of the Ramona I admired when I was younger. Less bratty and more self-assured, Ramona in this book is coming into her own person (she is six in this book). I like that Beezus actually backs Ramona up when the clueless grown ups (Quimby's parents and the first grade teacher) give out flat platitudes and rehearsed quips. I think Beezus is showing signs of growing up too, as she develops an almost crush on her sixth grade teacher.


This story was originally published in 1975 and Cleary infuses the story with some second wave women's rights flavor when Mrs. Quimby gets a job now that both kids are in school full time. There is talk among the sisters of helping their mom out at home so she could be more liberated, even though both girls don't really know what that means.


Overall, a story that holds up with realistic characterizations and the currency of the time period in which it was written. 3 stars.