Review: My Favorite Major (Heroes Returned Trilogy #1) by Ava Stone

My Favorite Major - Ava Stone

This novella (153 NOOK pages) has the same cast of characters as Stone's other Regency series Scandalous, which was a nice return to the characters I got to know from another book I read of hers. I picked up this book because it was a freebie on NOOK; I read it last night because it was short book to while away the hours after the insomnia kicked in.


Major Phillip Moore and Ms. Amelia Pritchard made a great couple. The plot moved quickly, but there didn't seem to much of insta-lust or insta-love; the circumstances of how they met and the situation(s) at hand made them first friends and partners, which turned into love. I really dig the Avery family (from the Scandalous series), so seeing them working and playing again was fun. This particular story also tied up one minor loose end from the first book in the Scandalous series. I think the book benefitted from being novella-length, as it kept the overthinking/over analyzing and crazy plot obstacles to a minimum. Overall, a fun way to get through some insomnia. 4 stars.