Review: Badass by Shannen Doherty

Badass: A Hard-Earned Guide to Living Life with Style and (the Right) Attitude - Shannen Doherty

A waste of time. Repetitive and clichéd. If you took a sip of an alcoholic beverage ever other time the word badass appeared in the writing, you would not make it through the first 20 pages. There are A LOT of pictures and pretty illustrations that just repeat what you just read. There are exactly four chapters in this book: an introduction and three chapters (finding/working on the badass within you, being a badass in relationships, and entertaining/vacationing like a badass). The first two sections are stereotypical self-help mumbo jumbo, the other section is half-ass Martha Stewart lifestyle magazine. Shannen Doherty seems like a smart, funny woman who I could see myself having a drink with and both of us having interesting conversations about current topics and the arts, but she is a boring writer. 1 star.