Review: A Reluctant Rake (Tenacious Trents #5) by Jane Charles

A Reluctant Rake - Jane Charles

Story wise, it was a lovely, fast-paced Regency romance with a wonderful couple. The side characters (ie, all the characters that were coupled up in the previous books) were integral to the story without the reader needing to read the series in order. Those Trents are indeed tenacious, but for the good of the family and the individuals involved; they are good hearted despite a tough upbringing. The villain(s) were a little different from the normal Regency, which added to the engagement of the story. I would have given this book a solid 4.5 stars on just the strength of world building and story telling.


Missing words, punctuation flaws, misused words and phrases that are standard in Regency setting romances, all worked to keep the rating down .("reading of the bands" rather than the correct "reading of the banns" "pen money" rather than the correct "pin money" as just two examples). Enough of the copy errors occurred in each chapter that I took off a full star.


I would really like to read more in this series and other works by the author, but I will download when the books are on sale/free in the NOOK store because I am not paying full price for books that are sloppy on the copy editing front. 3.5 stars.