Review: High Tech Trash by Elizabeth Grossman

High Tech Trash: Digital Devices, Hidden Toxics, and Human Health - Elizabeth Grossman

Interesting topic and discussion about the global use and disposal of all high tech products (PCs, MP3 players, TVs, etc). However the writing is repetitive and boring - this was a slog to get through and learn from the discussions. The author tried for a journalistic-style of writing, but what you got was pointless details - for example, the color of walls in the cafeteria of a electronic recycling business. The numbers used didn't give me a better understanding of the discussion, but so many numbers became a blur and I lost track of what I was reading about. Overall, I learned very little but feel what I did learn will give me a good jumping off point to learning more about how to choose the devices I want and how to dispose of them properly. I will also be able to understand discussions about local and state laws pertaining to e-waste and therefore feel I can take positions on those laws. 2 stars.