Review: If the Shoe Kills by Lynn Cahoon

If the Shoe Kills - Lynn Cahoon

A fun, escapist story complete with a return of old friends in the small, picturesque town of South Cove. This is the third installment and I was sucked into the story line real quick. It is a holiday-themed story and by the end of the story I really wanted a traditional Thanksgiving meal. The mystery had to do with an out-of-towner (from the big city up the highway) and much of the suspects were also out-of-towners, so the mystery was a little light on the who done it. Rather, this story focused on the relationship between amateur sleuth Jill and her detective boyfriend Greg; it read more like a romance with a mystery sub plot. I enjoyed it because I love the recurring characters and the setting, but I would not recommend unless you already read book one and/or book two, as this seems more like a gift to readers of the series and a way to set up for the next book.


4/5 stars; Summer bingo square "mystery" filler.