Review: Murder on Wheels (Tourist Trap Mystery #6) by Lynn Cahoon

Murder on Wheels - Lynn Cahoon

Better than the last one, but there is something missing at the end of this mystery - namely a good motive for why the murderer committed the crime. There was too much focus on the love lives of the gang; the love triangle between Harrold, Aunt Jackie, and Josh, the break up of Toby and Elisa, and Sasha's growing crush on Toby. This felt more soap opera-ish than a mystery. And Amy was an utter cow to Jill for a ridiculous reason. I didn't like the fact that Greg dismissed Jill's theory or gut instinct, and low and behold, she was right and solved the murder. Greg might be Mr. Perfect, but he can be a bit of a dim-bulb compared to Jill and Toby; not quite Keystone Kops, but geesh if you spend all that time working a case that is stalled, why not take Jill's idea and investigate a path that is a bit out there. 3 stars.