Review: Killer Cupcakes (Lexy Baker Mystery #1) and Dying for Danish (Lexy Baker Mystery #2) by Leighann Dobbs

Dying For Danish - Leighann Dobbs Killer Cupcakes - Leighann Dobbs

I am doing a two-in-one review for these books. Each book was given a rating of one star. Each book was approximately 80-90 pages. 


I picked up a four book set of the Lexy Baker Mysteries series, plus picked up other books in the series at different times. I read the first two books and deleted all the books from my NOOK. I have several issues with each book and the series overall.



1. The MC, Lexy Baker, wears the wrong clothing and shoes to go sleuthing about. This speaks to a series lack of common sense with Lexy. She is just plain dumb, plus nosy and clumsy. It's like the reader can predict how a scene is going to play out before reading.


2. So Lexy can eat pretty much anything, especially dessert after dessert, but doesn't gain a pound and doesn't exercise. That is just one of the perfect things about Lexy. All the characters are perfect. Perfectly perfect in every perfect way. 


3. Lexy has an expensive shoe collection and goes shoe shopping regularly, yet in both mysteries she is motivated to investigate because her business is constantly short money. Complains of business needing her attention, but then takes off for hours leaving her business partner/BFF or their part-time employee to watch the bakery.


4. The serious lack of professionalism by Detectives Jack Perillo and John Darling.


Killer Cupcakes:

1. Insta-love that was so fast I couldn't even get a scene of insta-lust.


2. Obstruction of justice much!


3. Jack finds Lexy unconscious and with a concussion, but doesn't call 911 or take her to the hospital.


4. Well, I figured out the murderer at the wake and still had 10+ chapters to go. The clues were really trivial.


Dying for Danish

1. Danish (the pastry) does not need to be capitalized every time the word is used.


2. Lexy has some series insecurities about her love life - at one point she got jealous of her grandmother for having Jack's attention/affection. I'm glad I am getting off this train now.


3. Another obstruction of justice scene!


4. Bad business decision by Lexy leads once again to money issues, leaving Lexy to solve the mystery herself.....okay, nope.


A reviewer on GR mentions that they felt this series was a piece of satire, poking fun at the genre....I wish it was. Well, I got some space on my NOOK opened up since deleting all the books in this series.