Review: Tempted by Midnight (Midnight Breed #12.5) by Lara Adrian

Tempted by Midnight: A Midnight Breed Novella (1001 Dark Nights) - Lara Adrian

Big disappointment.


I love the world in this series and I am very intrigued on how the author moved the story to a new and interesting overarching arc. However, this book does not help the bigger arc move forward and doesn't satisfy as a romance. It a really interesting start and ending (except for the I love you's) but the middle was one sex scene after another. There is very little plot for the characters to work off. I liked Lazaro from previous books; Melana was a brat and her hero worship (stemming from her childhood) of Lazaro bordered on creepy. The couple didn't work for me as much as Lazaro as an individual did. 


I want to say that I have read other novellas in this series and they were filled with plot, clues to move the bigger arc along, and a have a decent romance. So I knew going in that this author had the talent to work a great story in novella length restrictions. I have a feeling that being a part of this 1001 Dark Nights series screwed up her writing style and forced her to write more sex than was necessary to support the story. Maybe a new editor gave her some bad advice or encouraged sex above story method of writing. There are two more novellas from the Midnight Breed series in the 1001 Dark Nights series and now I am dreading reading those just to complete the original series.


2/5 stars.