The Witch of Blackbird Pond - Elizabeth George Speare

Fills in the Set in New England square


I liked the story but hated the heroine, Kit. So many problems with her: impulsive, quick to anger, not smart enough to observe the new culture around her so that she could blend in, but the big one for me was her sense of entitlement which lead to more than a few sentences with her complaining of doing work that her servants used to do for her/her family(including the black slaves owned by herself and her grandfather) and how she was so broke she had to sell "her negro girl" just to pay for her transportation to her aunt's and uncle's home (unannounced). It was funny how all the Puritans were like "wait, what?" when she talked of her servants and I liked how Nat gave her quite the lecture on why him/his family has too much pride in their work and principles to venture into the slave trade. The story's plot was basically how witch hunts can happen in a small religious community.