Review: Lady Falls (Black Rose Trilogy #1) by Renee Bernard

Lady Falls - Renee Bernard

Fills in Fall Into A Book square


This was a free NOOK book, and that should have been all the warning I needed to stay away and not download. However, I did not heed this warning and only continued to read this book until it was done due to it being the only book I had that would be appropriate for the square.


Why I am giving this 0 stars:

1. The revenge plot is based on a confirmed bachelor semi-adopting the illegitimate daughter of a peer from a work house, raising her to have a wild and free personality while being educated and in finery like any noble-birth woman, just to ensure that the man he wants to ruin falls in love with her. So basically the heroine is just a pawn in this story. The revenge therefore takes at least 8 years to even get started.


Oh what awful incident could have possibly drove the villain to come up with such a bullshit plan for revenge? Well, the other man once bedded the villain's mistress, a courtesan. The villain had already claimed her for himself and started a relationship... *SIGH*


2. The book starts with the heroine being emotionally and physically abused by the matron in charge of the work house. Yeah, cause that is why I read romance - for the heaping amounts of abuse. At the house party years later, there is a lady being beaten by her husband several times.


3. The heroine was so anachronistic that she wasn't a believable character and she grated on my last nerve. She was also childish; at almost the age of 18 (three weeks away from her if there was documentation about her birth), she was putting together (at the last fucking minute) a scavenger hunt and an amateur play starring the other women at the house party. She was all about instant gratification and pleasure in being "naughty". Also, she became quite horny and sexually All The Fucking Time right after she was kissed by hero for the very first time.


4. The hero was a wimp who spoke of love...two hours after kissing heroine. And he went into flowerly prose and heaped so much praise on heroine's beauty and skills in bed, that is was nauseating to read. Of course he was an easy mark for the villain to exact his revenge, and hero acted so damn predictable at the end when he found he had been tricked.


5. At 179 NOOK pages, there wasn't much story and way too much sex (especially with a heroine who just had sex for the first time the day before).


6. But that ending - turns out this was a serial!!! I. Hate. Serials. The story ends with hero dumping heroine at the side of the road heading toward Gretna Green. That is not a romance!!! I am beyond pissed that the author could try passing off this story as a full book when it is just the first third of the actual story. A complete waste of my time. Won't be reading anything more from this serial or this author.