November's Extended Reading List

Hearts in Flight - Patty Smith Hall Hearts in Hiding - Patty Smith Smith Hall Hearts Rekindled - Patty Smith Hall A Rose for Major Flint (Brides of Waterloo) - Louise Allen A Mistress for Major Bartlett - Annie Burrows A Lady for Lord Randall - Sarah Mallory Big Girls Don't Cry (Dundee, Idaho Series) - Brenda Novak Whispered Promises: The Art of Deception / Storm Warning - Nora Roberts Dangerous Allies - Renee Ryan The Bootlegger's Daughter (Daughters of the Roaring Twenties) - Lauri Robinson

I decided to do another massive Harlequin binge and extend it to December 20th. This way I have more time dedicated to the binge and I won't burn out on holiday reads before the holidays start. I probably won't get to any more non-fiction books for the rest of the year.


I have a lot on my master list (spreadsheets FTW) but these are the ten I definitely want to read and get off my NOOK:


1. Hearts in Flight by Patty Smith Hall

2. Hearts in Hiding by Patty Smith Hall

3. Hearts Rekindled by Patty Smith Hall

4. A Rose for Major Flint by Louise Allen

5. A Mistress for Major Bartlett by Annie Burrows

6. A Lady for Lord Randall by Sarah Mallory

7. Big Girls Don't Cry by Brenda Novak (currently reading and it is serious WTF crazy sauce)

8. Whispered Promises by Nora Roberts

9. Dangerous Allies by Renee Ryan

10. The Bootlegger's Daughter by Lauri Robinson