Superman: Earth One - Shane Davis, J. Michael Straczynski

Fills in the Aliens square on the DC Comic Book Bingo card


This graphic novel is a one-off special from my favorite creators, J. Michael Stracynski (he also did that awesome Wonder Woman Odyssey series). It started off kind of slow and emo; it was a little too much Batman-dark for the character of Superman, plus there was a slight Gary Stu sheen to the early pages. Once the aliens show up and chaos was all around, that was a ton of fun and the Superman I loved came through. The storyline was really great; it took a small part of Superman's origin story and really fleshed it out.  I really liked what they did with Jimmy Olsen - he was more mature and professional here than in most Superman stories. Lois Lane was obnoxious as ever. The artwork matched perfectly with the story's ebbs and flows; I especially liked the artwork when head alien and Superman were fighting one-on-one. There was a sly humor at the end and a much more self-assured Superman. 4 stars.