Batman: Year One - Richmond Lewis, Frank Miller, Dennis O'Neil, David Mazzucchelli

Fills in Dead Parents square on the DC Comic Book Bingo card (then again, what DC character wouldn't fill in this square, lol).


Color me unimpressed with Frank Miller and his interpretation of Batman. This was a DC comic for non-DC readers; there was no real humor or brightness to act as a counter-balance to Batman's normally darker tendencies. It was ultra violent for no real reason and woman were merely sex objects. Even the introduction of Selina (aka Catwoman) was for male amusement. Lt Gordon thought he was quite the saint, but he was just another womanizing asshole. The artwork and story line felt very outdated (originally published in the late 1980s and boy does it show!). Overall, a boring and extreme version of Batman. 2 stars.