Green Arrow/Green Lantern: Greener Pastures - Dougie Braithwaite, Chuck Dixon

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This is an oldie (1998) but I really enjoyed this beginning of a two-part team up starring a new Green Arrow (Connor Hawke, son of the original Green Arrow) and an old Green Lantern (Hal Jordan, who is making a trip to the future that he will never see). The storyline was what drew me in; the Greens take on eco-terrorists who killed Connor's dad and are set on destroying Mt Rainer/Washington state. And that is where this part of the story ends. As for the artwork, it was clean and easy to read; for being close to 20 years old, the artwork and story didn't feel dated at all. I need to find the second issue of this story because I really like this new Green Arrow and Hal Jordan is my favorite of the Green Lantern corps. 3.5 stars.