Review: Riders on the Storm (DC 1 Million #1) by Grant Morrison

DC Comics; 1,000,000 #1; Riders on the Storm (DC One Million) - Dan Raspler, Prentis Rollins, Val Semeiks, Grant Morrison

Fills in the Newsworthy square on the DC Comic Book bingo card


Meh. A LOT of set up for the series and for each of the JLA member's individual stories. I was excited to see Huntress, who was the only person to question the guests from the 853rd century and their request for our present day heroes to go to their time. Usually, Batman is the one to rely on to question someone motives, but even he is going (if only because of his friendship with Superman). And can I mention my utter distaste for all things Plastic Man? I really can't stand the guy. I would have preferred Blue Beetle instead. The artwork is fine, but nothing really stood out and the big bad evil genius is a sun-star-computer-ish thing that is just a giant ball of fire with one eye - that seemed a little too cartoony to me. 2 stars.