Booklikes-opoly Fifth Turn

Deep Deception - Cathy Pegau Forbidden - Beverly Jenkins


Bank: $30.00

Previous space: Paradise Pier 29


April 27th Roll: 4 (2+2)

New Space: Tomorrowland 33 - Take the Star Tour (book set in space, is tagged science fiction, or has robots/cyborgs) - Deep Deception by Cathy Pegau; according to my NOOK it is 601 pages, but GR has the ebook clocking in at 208 and that sounds more accurate. So 208 = possible $3.00


April 27th Roll (2nd time due to doubles): 5 (2+3)

New Space: Frontierland 1 - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (title that starts with any letter in Frontier or tagged as "western" on GR) - Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins; 240 pages = possible $3.00


Looks like I just built my TBR for Dewey :D