Vision Vol. 2: Little Better Than a Beast - Tom King, Michael Walsh Vision Vol. 1 - Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Tom King

I re-read volume 1 before reading this book because stupid epilepsy ruined my memory. I found upon re-reading volume 1 a lot of little things that added to my enjoyment of the book that I missed the first time reading it (for example, the look of horror on Virginia's face when the bullet misses her and hits CK).


So the second volume of the series brought me up to speed on the romance between Scarlet Witch and Vision. Those panels made me understand Virginia in a whole new light and made me really feel for her by the end of the volume. I knew Victor had an agenda that was more than just hanging out with Auntie Virginia and Uncle V. The Avengers really shouldn't intervene when they weren't asked to. Vin's death hit hard, really hard; Virginia's and Vision's pain on losing their son was palpable. Virginia's story arc was incredible to read through and Viv's resilience was hopeful.


And I actually understood the whole P vs. NP theory! The Shakespeare was a nice touch too (I like finding the reason for titles of books).


I loved the artwork - less comic book style, but not overly stylized either. The lettering could have been a bit bigger (I'm old and have old eyes, lol).  


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