A High Heels Haunting - Gemma Halliday

This was a short story set somewhat in the world of the High Heels series. It was okay, but I wanted another round with the HH gang and got a whole other gang instead. This new gang didn't feel fleshed out and the mystery was pretty easy to figure out.


Taking place in San Francisco, we have Kya Bader, web designer and plain Jane. Kya decides on a spur of the moment to buy a pair of Maddie Springer original design from her High Heels Seduction line (hence the connection to the HH series). Kya receives the pair of red strappy high heels and decides to go out with two co-workers to a club before returning the sexy shoes and returning to her boring life. After a series of events and much discovery is that the model who wore those shoes in Maddie's ads died under mysterious circumstances and Kya was not so slowly starting to live the model's life up to the day she died. Kya decides to catch the killer by using herself as bait. She gets the killer (sort of) and the model's former boyfriend for herself, but keeps the shoes.


I read this while working out at the gym. It was something to keep my mind occupied, but I wasn't invested in any of this. Maddie makes a brief appearance, but not enough to get me to care.