Homicide in High Heels - Gemma Halliday

Although I had finished all the High Heels books on my NOOK and was not happy with the last one I read (#6), my library had this one on OverDrive and I didn't want to leave the world on a sour note. So I borrowed it and am so happy I kept up with the series.


Maddie and Ramirez are a couple of years into their marriage and are feeling the strain on the marriage between work, respective family, and the twins (who turn one year old here). So they started to go on date nights to help them keep that loving feeling; dates alternate between something Maddie wants to do with something Ramirez wants to do. As the book opens, it is Ramirez's turn and as luck would have it, Maddie's step-dad gave them free tickets to the local pro baseball team game. Ramirez has really chilled out since that first book; the fun banter between him and Maddie really shines in this book. The next day, a dead body is found at step-dad's salon and for reasons Ramirez is suspended from the case and the police department. The death is tied to the baseball team. So in a twist on the High Heels formula, Ramirez and Maddie team up to solve the crime on their own. I LOVED THIS TWIST! Since Ramirez can't publicly be seen investigating, he is home with the twins and Maddie does the field work.


Of course Maddie doesn't work alone; BFFs Dana and Marco are there to help. Marco also plays a heavy role in the subplot of the twins' birthday, which is nice. Dana still got on my nerves a little, but she was useful this time around. And I really dig the love and acceptance between Mama (Ramirez's mom) and Maddie; no bad blood or jealousy between MIL and DIL. Mama is such a sweetie. Felix makes an appearance, but the deeper into the series the more I am glad Maddie chose Ramirez over Felix.


Yeah, I am here to stay. Just have two more books in the series to read and I will be current.