The Undoing (Call Of Crows) - Shelly Laurenston


Another excellent installment in the Call of Crows series. This is Jacinda's (Jace for short; she is the berserker of the Crow clan) and Danski's romance (Ski for short, and the Keeper of the Word for his Protector clan). Going to say that the romance is more of a secondary plot and the battle to get rid of Gullveig in this universe is the main plotline. I think that was a good author choice; although I loved Jace and Ski's time together, their story was more subdued and had already started as a deep friendship going into new territory.


The political and diplomatic maneuvers throughout the book were a lot of fun to read about and seeing the clans work together made the violence in the book justified and part of a bigger plan, not just a means onto itself. The writing is still full of snarky humor and genuine friendships, and the return of Betty in the last 25% really gave the Crows just the kick in the butt needed to defeat Gullveig.


Can't wait to read book three.