DC Comics: Bombshells Vol. 1: Enlisted - Marguerite Bennett


This series is an alternate universe in which the Nazis use or try to use supernatural beings as weapons and heroines from the DC universe stop them. Supergirl keeps her alien identity but is aided by her adopted sister Stargirl in keeping Mother Russia safe from the Nazis and corrupted Soviet military members. Wonder Woman enters the fray via Steve Trevor's plane going down on paradise. Batwoman is in charge of Kane Industries by day, a vigilante at night, and baseball player on the weekends. They kept her lesbian identity, which makes it fun when she meets up with Selene/Catwoman in Berlin - they had such banter when not fighting Nazis. Mera/Aquawoman team up with WW and Steve but the British Navy is her true place. I loved the artwork for the most part (WW was drawn a little manly in the face and was a little stiff in dialogue until she left her home).


All in all, a fun time reading this.