Winter Chills Box Swap Revealed

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So I received my Winter Chills Box Swap from Bookish Blerd on Thursday. There were two packages, a big box and a small envelope. The big box contained two bags of Herr's potato chips - I can not tell you how long it has been since I had some of Herr's potato chips (probably 10 years or more) since the military stores don't carry the brand and its a regional thing (PA). Yeah, the bag of Crisp N' Tasty chips is already done, because I eat my feelings.


Next up out of the box were three TastyKakes, all with Justice League logos; in particular my favorites, Krumpets, had the very tasty Henry Cavill as Superman which took the box up a notch. TKs are another PA/regional thing that again the military does not carry, so it's been a while. There were also two pairs of socks, a Yankee Candle, a card (beautiful handwriting btw), two bars of peanut chew, a tea diffuser in the shape of a book (with a booklet about literary teas), and books (attached above). I have never read anything by JR Ward before, but hell yes to reading about fallen angels in a paranormal romance.


What a wonderful treat to receive!