Winter Eve - Lia Davis

Nevan Matthews is coming home to his family after being away for some time, but on the wintery roads in the Smoky Mountains, he swerves to miss hitting an animal and wrecks his rental car. He follows a leopard (the animal he swerved to miss) to a house in the woods. The leopard is a shifter named Danica, who lives away from town to avoid the pity in people's eyes as she was physically hurt and can no longer do her job (healer of the pack). 


I loved the world building and the glimpse of the different characters I will meet in the other books. This was Danica and Nevan's story, but the other characters were introduced in a way that seemed organic. Nevan is not your typical human finding out that there are shifters in the world; his step-mother and step-brothers are mountain lion shifters and they helped him learn their ways and honed his empathetic skills - both came in handy and allowed the shifters to welcome him into the pack.


I am looking forward to reading more from this series.