Serpent's Kiss (The Beauchamp Family #2) by Melissa de la Cruz

Serpent's Kiss - Melissa  de la Cruz

An addictive and fast read, but it does suffer from being the second book in the series. The first book had everyone pretty much happy at the end; in this book, the ending is a major cliff hanger-style which is a bit disappointing as the first part of this book was SLOW to get moving. 


As usual, there are many different plotlines that merged together at the climax of the story, a story that involves more Salem Witch Trials saga and Norse mythology. This book includes pixies (technically elves from Alfheim), the Norns (adding some time traveling to the world building), and the Valkyries (disguised as a college sorority). Even better, Matt Noble (the mere mortal) finally comes to terms with the fact that his love, Ingrid, is a witch and he accepts all of her and her crazy family, which now includes her brother Fryr (Freddie in Mid-gard) and dad Norman (aka Nord). I was a bit disappointed that the villain is the same as the first book, with some new henchman to round out the story, but I will read the last book because I would like to see both villain and henchman get their punishment.